Starbucks: What it’s like the first time ’round

Although I am by no means a certified barrista, I have dubbed myself a coffee connoisseur. The life of a student-and of course a mother who appreciated great coffee-unleashed the coffee bean lover hidden in me and I have never looked back.
Tonight, @ the gorgeous Rococo @ the Radisson Gautrain, my rather distracted self ordered a Cappaccino while my fingers hastily pecked away @ my keyboard.
It was only after that first sip that I actually stopped, just to appreciate the flavour. It was smooth and distinct without being ridiculously over-powering and altogether just right-it was then that I noticed that world renowned Starbucks logo…the one I simply looked at and coveted in magazines.

It must have taken a few seconds to register-I literally felt warmth flood my cheeks and the corners of my mouth being pulled into a smile-and yes, I actually said “no way” out loud.
Oh what joy, what bliss- and of course it was on my BBM status and Facebook within seconds.
The real beauty of it is though, that as great as it is-and believe me it is-I do believe South Africa has a brand to rival it-Vida e Caffe! That’s right world.
There you have it-my first experience with Starbucks was heavenly, but for me, it was merely a very similar experience to my first encounter with our South African Vida e Caffe!


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Burlesque-A Movie Review

It’s the kind of movie that gives me “itchy feet” and makes me miss the stage. The kind of movie that allows me to reminisce about the surrealism of being backstage, the hours of rehearsal, the costume fittings and then suddenly, it’s showtime.
“Burlesque” will have that affect anyone who’s performed. Ms Aguilera hones her acting talents and she’s an absolute delight. Couple this with one of the pop music world’s original Divas-in the true sense of the word-Cher and the combination is magical. The dance choreography is brilliant and the costumes gorgeous.
Although, to be perfectly honest, i don’t care too much for the story-line which is a predictable melting pot of Chicago, Meets, Moulin Rouge meets Cayote Ugly, the leading ladies’ vocal prowess is nothing short of astounding and beautiful.
“Burlesque” will have you cheering the leading ladies on, belting out those songs with them and leave you as exhausted as though you had just completed spectacular dance routines…even if it’s only in the privacy of your own mind.


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A Little Meat at The Greenpeppercorn

So, after the Christmas Season, one would assume I’ve had enough of restaurants…au contrair…I have a certain love for deliciously prepared food-just ask my friend Christopher, an amazing chef, whom I often discuss the beauty of food with. Oh and then, add the ambience, lovely decor and a particularly rare ingredient, excellent customer service!!!
This was exactly my experience @ The Green Peppercorn @ Morningside Shopping Centre.
Pop in sometime, the fillet is particularly mouthwatering and the ice-cream Sundae with chunks of chocolate, melted dark chocolate and crunchy bits of Daim is irresistible.
Ha, and I’ve just finished cooking my own Super fantastic Sunday Lunch, in Errol Arends Concealed Platform Heels! Take that Martha Stewart 🙂


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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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